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Apadana Restaurant

We found that we were missing the food of our childhood, so we decided to bring the fresh flavours, succulent meat dishes and freshly baked loaves of bread of our Persian homeland. We selected only the very best suppliers for super-fresh meat and product.

With a great team succeeded in replicating the warm welcome and sublime flavours of Persian Cuisine, right here in Apadana restaurant. The fundamental idea behind Apadana Iranian Cuisine is to serve healthy, authentic, good quality Iranian food. We value our customers and feel that they deserve something better than the usual alternatives out there.

We believe that quality should be evident; not only in what we serve but also in how we serve. This means that we are dedicated to providing a notably high standard of tailored customer service. We hope that all our customers have felt this way and we promise to maintain this standard for our existing and new customers in the future.

Tradition And Passion

So for Persian cuisine with a difference,
make sure you visit Apadana Iranian Restaurant.

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